Isabelle Lam’s Story – 

Remix Snacks is an Asian female, dietitian-led company creating bean-based snacks with ingredients that reduce food waste. We’re on a mission to make beans fun and approachable- they’re such a delicious and nutritious ingredient, but people are often weary of them. At the same time, we reduce food waste by using upcycled ingredients. We offer 2 high protein, high fibre bean-based snack lines: Bean Bark, a dark chocolate snack made with 70% dark chocolate, black beans, and upcycled fruit; and Beanies, a savoury snack puff made with mung beans and upcycled carrots. All our snacks are diet-inclusive; they’re free from nuts, dairy, gluten, and preservatives. Our products are also plastic-neutral certified through the Repurpose Program to remove plastic waste from the environment.

Isabelle’s inspiration?

I think the lightbulb moment was in one of our nutrition classes. We were learning about the abundance of food waste, and the amazing nutritional and environmental properties of beans, and realized that we could use one to help solve the other. All this combined with the upcoming startup competition at McGill University, where we were studying, was the perfect catalyst to put our idea into action.

If you could go back a year or two, what advice would you give yourself?

  • Keep an open mind and persevere- every challenge, obstacle, and person telling you ‘no’ is just another step to you becoming a stronger entrepreneur and building a better business.
  • Don’t let imposter syndrome stop you. Everybody is on a learning journey, and nobody has it all figured out, no matter what it seems like.
  • Work towards something meaningful for you, proudly talk about your business everywhere you go, and network with other business owners, both new and experienced.
  • My three words of advice… be Open-minded, have Perseverance, and Passion(pass-I-on)!

What problem does your business solve?

With Remix Foods we had several attributes that were appealing to consumers. We are a healthy snack food that has great taste.  We had a brand story that supported the upcycling of produce and waste reduction. We supported the local theme, and we were women of colour entering a fairly competitive market space. Our storyline is “more nutrition with less food waste” a slogan that resonates with consumers in today’s marketplace.

What is the plan for the next five years/ What do you want to achieve?

Short term we want to more than double our annual sales. We are looking at plans to be in Walmart, I have moved out west to begin development of this market and I do have an eye on the United States. It is ten times the size of Canada, and there is less concentration of retailers. In Canada, as you know there are the key five that seem to control upwards of 94% of all food sales in Canada.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far?

The retail packaged goods space is very complex and I had no idea what I didn’t know. There are lots of levels to navigate. Asking for help, learning from others, and building connections as early as possible are critical to staying in the game and succeeding.

Our biggest challenge has been funding and building brand awareness. Even as a GenZ digital native, it still takes a lot of time to manage communication activities balanced by business efforts – concerning product formulation, production, retail distribution, and selling. It is a balancing act. Having a business plan, mentors, and some LUCK – Location, Understanding, Connection, and Knowledge have all been important.

How did you connect with Food Biz Mentoring?

I met Tricia and Christine through the www/ pitch competition for which I was one of the three winners selected. As part of their Start-up-Stronger program, I have been expanding my business in western Canada and hopefully into the US in the future. Christine and Tricia are providing one-on-one coaching in addition to the program and my opportunities and horizons have expanded exponentially.

 How can people learn more?

Isabelle’s story highlights the power of entrepreneurship driven by purpose and innovation, supported by mentorship and strategic planning. Remix Snacks not only offers tasty and nutritious snacks but also embodies a commitment to sustainability and community engagement in the food industry. Bean Bark and Beanies can be purchased across Canada at your favourite retailers – Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro, and Whole Foods. You can also purchase our products on our website You can find us on Facebook and Instagram, and connect with Isabelle at


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