Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are the programs?

  • We have our 12-week program that happens once a week at the same time each week over Zoom. This program allows for experiential learning and application in the field.
  • We also have live one-day programs, and shorter ‘Lunch and Learning’ sessions done live over Zoom to give you a flavour of our overall programs.

When do they take place?

  • We have morning and afternoon sessions for the 12-week program.
  • We have ‘Lunch and Learn’ programs that take place at noon EST
  • We also have live one-day in-person sessions that rotate from East to West coast

Where do they take place?

  • Most of our programs take place on Zoom and can be adjusted for time zones.
  • We also host live sessions in specialty food kitchens and or ghost kitchens depending on the market request.

What is the key learning from the 12-week program?

  • Creation of a value proposition and positioning
  • Clear understanding of what you need for scaling up and where you can go to scale your formulation
  • What are your distribution options
  • Clarity on the use of a broker versus a distributor
  • Guidance on regulatory issues for your formulation, claims, and packaging
  • A selection of retail options that best fit your product or service
  • Understanding of how your product fits with retail trends
  • Identified resources for sourcing ingredients
  • An understanding of funding opportunities
  • Draft of your business plan and retail briefing materials
  • Legal guidance on incorporation and trademarks
  • Ready to begin your sales plan


Is there a way to see if this is right for me?

  • Once a month, we do a one-hour session on Zoom to give people a taste of what will be covered in the 12-week session. These are usually held on Zoom on the first Thursday of each month at noon EST

What if I need more help?

  • Any of our workshop coaches with specific expertise can be retained to help you with specific challenges and support

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