Creating Buzz for Your Biz!

Trish believes in the power of storytelling… and now Share Your Story is offering grants. Funding for Entrepreneurs.   Sharing great ideas from those who have moved from corporate leader to business owner.

What started as a passion project in support of the entrepreneurial spirit has now become an international platform for sharing stories.

In 2024, we’ve added a new resource for busy entrepreneurs – SYS Marketing Grants!

“Funding for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs”

Our SYS global community is supporting small businesses through an annual grant program celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, mentorship, and breaking barriers to success. Our mission is to increase the visibility of each business, encourage collaboration and build connections through community impact.

“When I started my first company over 25 years ago there was little support for female entrepreneurs. A mentor wore a blue suit and red tie, business consulting was in the incubator stage, and no one had ever heard of a coach unless it was through a sports team. Thankfully times are changing.”

After publishing my second book, Breaking Barriers 10 Entrepreneurial Women Share Their Stories, I began public speaking on the topic of mentorship, meeting so many amazing people who were interested in sharing their stories. I decided to create a guest blog series as a platform to increase the visibility of each business, encourage collaboration amongst other entrepreneurs, and create connections with customers in each community by sharing a little about the person behind the logo.

Now, we feature international stories from entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders who share a passion for their businesses. We’ve added a video/podcast series with 175+ interviews under the title: Business Mentorship; Keepin’ It Real. Visit and subscribe to our channel on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Amazon.

We meet quarterly in our global online networking events to create opportunities for #collaborationovercompetition.

Why? Every entrepreneur remembers the days when they had a lightbulb moment and started in the trenches with a great idea.

“We create a buzz about your biz”

Join us as this powerhouse global community continues to grow… With more than 120,000 people following Share Your Stories