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A fellow mentor and good friend launched a website, Share Your Stories – Celebrate Your Great Idea, and I had the opportunity to upload my story and wanted to share with all of you the experience. The questions seemed easy, but it is about being prepared with your pitch and taking the time to think about the words you want to own for your business. Mine were innovative, resilient, and visionary. They came from my experience with Share Your Story and crafting three words of advice. Enjoy the blog and make sure you log on to Share Your Stories to connect with Trish and share the amazing experience. Enjoy!
Q: Tell us a little something about your business…
Food Biz Mentoring provides a unique space for food enthusiasts to transform their passion into successful retail and food service ventures. With a focus on the complex landscape of the food industry in Canada and the United States, our programs offer expert advice, industry insights, and success stories. Whether it’s navigating food regulations, securing funding, building a brand, or launching a new product, our all-in-one resource Think Tank is dedicated to guiding culinary dreams into reality.

Q: When was your lightbulb moment?
Tricia reveals that the lightbulb moment came with the realization that by uniting seasoned suppliers and entrepreneurs, Food Biz Mentoring could support foodpreneurs while leading to exciting and marketable food concepts. The goal was not only to reduce stress but also to have experienced individuals alleviate the pain points entrepreneurs face in developing their food and beverage businesses.

Q: What are your three words of advice?
Tricia offers three powerful words of advice for navigating the challenges of the food industry:
1. Innovation
Acknowledging workplace anxieties and fears, Tricia emphasizes that fear, when approached positively, can be a catalyst for innovation. Stepping outside comfort zones is essential for growth, and unlocking new ideas and opportunities.
2. Resilience
Leaders play a crucial role in shaping a healthy workplace environment. Tricia suggests that leaders, by being open about their fears and vulnerabilities, come across as more genuine. This honesty builds trust and respect within teams.
3. Visionary
Understanding workplace fear is crucial, especially for those in smaller entrepreneurial endeavours. Tricia encourages individuals to check on the fear that might be holding them back and understand it, as this understanding often permits moving forward.
In conclusion, Food Biz Mentoring stands as a beacon for innovative, resilient, and visionary approaches to building prosperous and rewarding food and beverage businesses.
Join us on this journey of transforming passion into prosperity!